Why I left America

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Living in a foreign culture is like holding a mirror up to your own culture. Each discovery in the new place also teaches you about yourself, about your old place. Each word you learn teaches you something about that word in your native language. Each event that happens to you is either better or worse […]

Living on the south shore of Lake Chapala

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Living on the south shore has most amenities of the city, with twice the size at about half the cost of the crowded north shore. Rental for a typical three bedroom lakefront or lakeview home is in the $500 a month range, while small, Mexican-style houses are way cheaper. Most homes on the south shore […]

Where Kerry becomes bulletproof

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I had a funny driving experience on the way to the track recently; I just have to laugh about it with you. I had just pulled out of a no-name racers motel towards the racetrack and the light was red, so I pulled into the empty left lane to get a good start when it […]

Life without Hershey

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…is not sweet, indeed. Hershey was my constant companion for 12 years. He literally went everywhere with me – starting at Netscape, commuting back and forth from Texas with me by plane, then for a decade of running my own business. He traveled with me to Mexico many times. If he knew I was going […]

A Visit to Don Otavio’s

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For those who want to try a tiny adventure to the south shore, make a pilgrimage to the Hacienda San Martin, only a couple of miles south of Jocotepec. This private hacienda is reputedly the location of Sybille Bedford’s classic 1953 semi-fictional story of a trip to Lake Chapala, “A Visit to Don Otavio: A […]