In theory I’m retired, but my avocation remains writing, and I will always write.

The last few exhilarating years I worked for a high tech startup called Continuum Analytics, which later changed its name to Anaconda Inc. I organized their tech writing department, completely rewrote their manuals and documentation, edited papers, articles and books including the Guide to NumPy, written by founder and inventor of the NumPy program Travis Oliphant. Then I moved back to Mexico!

I’m the author of the ShowMe series of about a dozen books on e-commerce programs, co-author of several more technical books. I’ve been writing and publishing since 2001, when the World Trade Center went down and I lost my major web development client. I turned the notes I had written for them about how to use the ecommerce program osCommerce into a book and published it. The rest, they say, is history.