Where Hershey becomes Frankendog

Hershey, my sweet whippet running companion, got ripped up by some wild animal… it seems it jumped on his back, and he high-tailed it outta there at a high rate of speed. The animal had hold of his skin with its claws, something like a raptor, and it pulled all of Hershey’s back skin loose from his muscles and tore multiple holes in his back and haunches as it let go.

CSI Alert: There were no defensive wounds on his legs or mouth, so he clearly didn’t stick around to fight back. He just ran like a whippet does, for his life.

When you run your finger along his spine it sounds like there are pop rocks underneath, that is air bubbles that got trapped when his skin pulled away. The vet says they will go away.

The vet called him Frankendog and said too bad it didn’t happen a week earlier, he could have won the Halloween pet costume contest. Hmm.

Hershey ran a fever at first, but he’s getting better now. The pain medicine seems to be terrific and he mostly acts like he’s okay, just a little subdued.

The drains will come out three or four days after the attack. Stitches out in two weeks.